Geometric Room

The world we live in comprises a variety of objects and behaviors. Geometric Room is a parallel world to the one we live in. In both worlds, there are objects which correspond to physical properties. Objects change behavior not only based on the laws of physics but also through human interaction. The viewer can see an environment that has vivid colors and a stable structure. Abstract designs painted in two dimensions are projected onto basic geometric solids. Geometric solids are familiar to the viewer because they are everywhere in everyday life e.g., buildings and screens. However, the appearance of the objects is what determines the viewer’s perception of the world. Classical painting imitates the world we live in and is limited to the point of view proposed by the painter. However, painting with the help of virtual reality turns into another world different from what the world should be like. Therefore, everyone is encouraged to see the world through their lenses.

Multimedia/Hypermedia Lab ASFA, 2022-2023