The Exhibition

In this project, the artist presents a virtual exhibition by selecting photos, memes, tweets, and videos from social media platforms. These selected pieces are now presented as exhibits, with the artist playing the role of the curator. By arranging them in a web-like structure, the artist creates a simple network of directions in space, similar to the complex labyrinths of large museums. The pre-existing archival material is re-exposed in a different environment from the one it was created. The aim is to provoke visitors to re-examine what they already know. Here, the issue of the position and function of art, in this new framework of the new virtual reality, becomes the focus of the work. Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube are today’s new galleries, the new exhibition spaces, in which all users are simultaneously the artists and the viewers of content that is constantly being created, consumed, removed, and finally stored in huge databases resembling museum materials that have aged at the same time they were created.