The Architecture of Memories

The Architecture of Memories is an immersive project that delves into the renewal of time and space in a volumetric archive environment. Mathieu DeBlois conceived the project as part of his research-creation in volumetric filmmaking under the guidance of teacher and practitioner Yan Breuleux. With the collaboration of music composer and spatialization specialist Philippe Racz and Interactive Media Developer Romain Salha, the project came to fruition. The result was an immersive live performance presented at Montreal’s prestigious SAT dome, followed by an interactive audiovisual installation at the Agora Hydro-Québec of Place des Arts in May and June 2022. The VR version of the project being showcased at the ADAF festival, makes use of point cloud image manipulation, ambisonic sounds, and melodies to create a 360 immersive audiovisual experience with a strong sensorial impact. This marks the first time that this version of the project has been presented to the public.

Mathieu DeBlois: Researcher-Artist, visual composition, screenwriter Philippe Racz: Musical composition, sound spatialisation, screenwriter Romain Salha: Unity programming specialist