Mathieu DeBlois, PhilippeRacz, Romain Salah

Mathieu DeBlois is a graduate student at École des arts numériques, de l'animation et du design (NAD) in Montreal, where he is both a practitioner and researcher in the field of audiovisual creation for immersive devices. His research interests lie in investigating the intersections between temporal sampling, time archives, and space composition, with a specific emphasis on the interplay between digital and physical environments.Through collaboration with digital artists and technophile programmers, Mathieu DeBlois creates immersive experiences that engage and stimulate the senses. Mathieu's artistic research and creations were exhibited at various events throughout 2022, including residencies at La SAT and Hexagram, as well as participation in the ELEKTRA | MATERIA: Labo public event at ilot Balmoral in September. Mathieu looks forward to embarking on an upcoming residency in Iceland in October, where he plans to bring his creative endeavors on a nomadic adventure through the breathtaking landscapes of Iceland.