spiders hunting bees

“Spiders hunting bees” is an experimental short film made from personal archival material with shots of the “orchid bees” and 3886 digital photographs taken during years of observation in my garden, a dense feral garden, half wild, half domesticated. The “orchid bees” are bees that only live in the neotropical region and are attracted by the flowers of a species of anthurium that grows in the garden. Several species of spiders live in this garden, including a large Nephila or golden thread spider whose web is considered to be one of the strongest in the world. In this micro habitat my cat Layla dreams of living in the jungle. This is how these first days of the year 2023 go by, with the small dramas, visible and invisible, that happen in this small corner of the world, a green islet in the middle of the gray landscape of the city.