Through a poetic lense and inspired by the notion that pocedonia oceanica is the lung of the mediterannean sea, the film uncovers two parallel stories in which the one affects the other.  

The first story is about the beauty, movement and symbolic breathing of posidonia oceanica which is distracted and becomes a naked underwater surface. (Filmings after the cutting of posidonia in Ancient Kourion area in Limassol are used, shared by marine biologists in Cyprus).


Parallel to the story of posidonia oceanica the story of a woman unfolds.   The woman, who symbolically breaths underwater embodies the movement of posidonia. When posidonia is ruined, she is also suffering, runs to escape until she is suffocated (from the distraction.)

The two parallel worlds are connected through imagery, movement and abstraction to highlight in a symbolic way the importance of the underwater world to humanity.