• There is no entry fee
  • We advise you not to send the master copies.
  • The festival does not take responsibility in any case of damage or loss of the artwork.
  • The duration of the video/animation should not exceed 15 minutes. Videos who exceed this time limit may not be accepted.
  • The video must be submitted in DVD (PAL) or video file. In the case of video file, it should not exceed 2GB and should be either in .avi, mpeg or .mov format
  • The files will not be returned and will be kept in the festival’s archive
  • Each artist is allowed to participate in more than one category but not exceeding four artworks per category. A separate submission form must be submitted for each category/work.
  • Please also include additional material, for either the postal or online submission respectively, with the following:
    1. 3 photo stills in high resolution (300dpi)
    2. Any other document or file necessary (e.g. tech-rider)
  • Submissions that do not include all requested documents and files will be considered incomplete and will not be accepted
  • The production company has no responsibility on copyrights of works that include images or music created by others than the submitting artist
  • Artists, whose work/s will be selected, will be notified via email by the production team of Athens Digital Arts Festival
  • In any case, all submitted artworks – selected or not – can be included in compilations that represent Athens Digital Arts Festival internationally.
  • Athens Digital Arts Festival is held once a year in place and time and only the production team of Athens Digital Arts Festival is subject to the absolute choice of the full programme, artists and duration.
  • The production team can cancel the event at any time, provided that the circumstances do not allow its realization.
  • Works of art that offend human dignity or support discriminations against individuals or group of people based on behavior, race, nationality or sexuality are not eligible for participation.
  • Parts of the festival may be filmed. The audience and the artists whose work may appear in it agree to this unconditionally.
  • When a submission is made, it cannot be withdrawn.
  • Charges for sending the entry submission by post are paid by artists.
  • In case of transportation of works, charges for transportation and insurance are paid by the artists.
  • The production company has no responsibility in case of damage during the transportation or the installation of the work.
  • In case of legal conflict the Greek law is valid.
  • For Installations, Performances, VR projects , ADAF Kids and Web art, complete designs of works that have not yet been materialized are also eligible for admissions provided the pieces are able to be complete and finished until two months prior to the festival.
  • With their submission, participants unconditionally accept the above mentioned terms and allow the use of excerpts or the entire work by the organizers for publicity and archive purposes.