Lucid etho-graphies

‘Lucid etho-graphies’ assemblies a set of non-place situations. By forensically documenting human ubiquity, the work explores matters of time and space of partial and incoherent manner. 

With our current modes of knowing and engaging surpassing “physicality and simulation”, the work, uses the digital condition as an acknowledgement – to our collective capacity of living in transience.
In a trial to dive into the ethos of our contemporary context, we found symbiotic relationship between human,technology and the uncanny (the theme of ADFA 2023) as appropriation.
The digital tools used for the video, gave us the potential to record human presence in a sort of timeless reliefs. 

While physical time is reaching its liminality the work sets the notion of the uncanny as a proccess to provoke awareness of our ‘hybrid nature’, arguably seeking for lucidity.