Lenka Dusilova — Biale konie

The “Białe konie” song is the introduction track of the latest album by Czech singer Lenka Dusilova called Reka (River in English) The whole concept of the album is such that one song flows into another, creating a long musical flow. In the album the listener travels through time, space, bloodstream, through structure and their own past. The River cleanses layers of ballast, ruffles the riverbed, so that everything can settle again and one can perceive in new perspectives. The river calls into dark depths, because it is in such depths where locked away and forgotten treasures lie. Such treasures are being unlocked by Lenka in her dives into the River. The album’s central theme is finding one’s own past in the depths of the family river and cleansing its bed for future generations. Water has therefore become the agent of all processes. First it offers the viewer a glimpse under the rough surface of the stones which it eventually completely dissolves and reshapes..