erotics of the kitchen

A cameraless animation film mixing porn and domestic found footage of someone cooking.  Exploring the plastic/material side of cutting and taping the different pieces of film, the fake  charicature side of porn is transformed in a sequence of images that create rhythm and  physical/aesthetic sensations in the viewer. 

The movement of hands in both pieces is highlighted, with fragments showing hands in close ups or central to the scenes. You see a knife chopping vegetables and the images that flash in a  fast cutting pace, bits of pleasure-making glimpsed, the film itself sliced and mixed with other  elements to create a new meaning, the film scratched, bleached, teared apart, in a way “cooked”  for you to taste. 

Mute, the sound is used only for its visual expression, adding bits of the undulations as an  inherent sound to the image presented. The lack of sound makes you more aware of what you  are seeing, and the images go by really fast, you try to follow the fragments of each images as  they continue to escape you, changing places, dimensions, techniques,.. the viewer makes an  effort to understand what’s really going on but the film refuses any disclosure, beginning and  ending abruptly.