Cycle of Violence (VR)

Giggling as she hops between hills of fluffy pink cotton wool, Bunny tries to charm and seduce us. The relationship, at first so intimate and lustful, suddenly breaks down and turns to a furious escalation of accusations and violence. Cycle of Violence (VR) is a 360° film animated with analogue stop-motion, puppets and clay. With the Cycle of Violence project, the artist tries to understand the mechanisms behind violent abuse in intimate relationships. The project has so far resulted in one video-installation and one 360° film for Virtual Reality. The work focuses mainly on the abuser in a relationship rather than the victim. In this case on the female character called Bunny. It is an attempt to understand why she becomes violent and how she then justifies her behavior to herself. When she finds a legitimate reason for her harmful behavior, she allows it to be repeated over and over again. In Bunny’s case, she sees herself as a victim and feels that she must and has the right to defend herself. She neglects her own responsibility in what is happening and instead puts it on the other party, in this case the viewer.