Copacabana Machine Sex

Copacabana Machine Sex is a 30-minute burlesque musical robotic performance involving solely biomorphic machines as actors. The artist’s goal is not to replicate a real cabaret, but to conceive a metaphorical extravaganza in response to the question: “what would happen if machines would be on the stage of a cabaret?” The Copacabana performance can be described as a mini Music Hall show that involves a succession of various musical numbers where machines perform as actors, musicians and dancers. Aesthetically speaking, the set is a strange hybrid mix between the classic Broadway kitsch and the dark industrial ambience of Vorn’s previous works. It is an exploration of robotic forms and movements through music, sound and light. With this piece, the artist’s aim is not to create a deviant or satirical sex show, but to evoke human behaviors in an unusual manner through simplistic machine actions presented in a familiar Music Hall / cabaret context.

Bill Vorn