As the ‘algorithm era’ indicates, predicts, defines our moves, decisions, and acts, what is our role? The uncanny is a concept that might refer to the fear of the future, or the fear of the speed that things evolve. Or it might be about the changes that we live, experience but still can’t comprehend. Even about things that we’ve made but we can’t control, can’t guess their impact and can’t even understand how they work, like a black box. However, how I see it, human existence itself is the black box, especially now that new means are taking over. Self-identity crisis and lack of purpose is an emerging phenomenon that makes me wonder why do we do what we do? For the sake of algorithms, or in favor of a better future for the man? Are we the heads of those decisions? Are we truly free to make them? Maybe the more we build our future and skills the more evident is the need to explore and understand our identity, our values, our goals and purposes. Besides, we have all these achievements freeing a significant amount of time daily, giving us the opportunity to spend more time with ourselves and eventually figure out who we are. Isn’t it the time to be concerned about the inner chaos and invest a little in it?